Adidas miCoach X_Cell Performance Monitor Hits FCC and Prepares For Release


We all love exercising. By love, of course, I mean we tolerate it in a vain attempt to propagate our genes through human reproduction. In short, exercise is hard. Eating pizza is easy. Thus, the cycle of slothfulness continues. Any piece of technology that comes out that lets us get out there and move our bodies around is good news to all of the lazybones out there. Wearable technology is on the cusp of this, with vitality monitors being of particular interest. Adidas has been on the vanguard of vitality monitors since, well, technology was invented. Here they are again with yet another one that will get you jogging around the block in no time.

Adidas has unveiled their miCoach X_Cell performance monitor. This tiny device sits in your pocket or clips to your belt and tracks just about every part of your workout. It even tracks actual sports, which is something new to the genre. Now you’ll know exactly how poorly you perform in your neighborhood pickup game of basketball. You can stream the disappointing info via Bluetooth to your phone and a related app. The information can then be Tweeted or posted on Facebook if you want to brag or are just open to your friends making fun of you.

The shoe manufacturer has yet to announce a price or release date but the gadget is currently going through the FCC motions so it shouldn’t be long before it arrives in sporting stores. In the meantime, just watch Netflix and cheeseburgers. It’s pretty much the same thing! Here is that discusses the miCoach series in general.