Adidas To Join The Smartwatch World On November 1st



The Smartwatch market is continuing to grow at a staggering pace with new products being released regularly. Despite this it seems that many of the products are same, or at least similar. Adidas has officially announced that they are set to join a market that’s already beginning to get a little crowded – The Smartwatch market. But will they bring anything new to the table?

Needless to say, the Adidas smartwatch will be very much sports focused, being able to track location, speed and the heart rate of the wearer of the device. Not only that, but it is also likely to feature a kind of personalized coaching, which the wearer will receive via Bluetooth headphones or by reading it on the devices display.

Most smartwatches these days rely heavily on a connection with a smartphone in order to be used to their full potential. This is not true for the Adidas smartwatch, which does not need to be connected to a smartphone. This is great for athletes who might not necessarily want to bring their smartphone when they’re running. This also means, however, that the Adidas smartwatch will not have certain features that other devices in the smartwatch market offer, such as calling and texting functions, and other notifications associated with smartphones.

You can use the watch to listen to music, which must be downloaded onto the devices onboard storage. However, in order to listen to music the wearer will have to use Bluetooth headphones because of the fact that the device does not include a headphone jack.

The goal of the device is essentially to create the “smartest running watch”, says Adidas Paul Gaudio, the head of Adidas Interactive. This is unlike other companies that are trying to create general purpose watches.

The announcement of the watch comes only 1 day after the new Nike Fuelband SE, and it is clear that there is a lot of competition between the new watch and the Nike fitness tracker. They are, however, very different devices, and the Adidas is sure to provide fitness tracking features without the need for a smartphone nearby.

Adidas did not make the watch alone – They also enlisted the help of design company Fjord, which was bought by Accenture earlier this year.

The Adidas smartwatch is set to run for $399 and will start selling on November 1st. It is sure to make a splash in the smartwatch market, and should make for a great watch for runners.