Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach soccer cleats are cooler than Pele


You know what sucks about most soccer cleats? They are dumb as dirt. Not so anymore. Adidas has perfected their first pair of “intelligent” cleats. They are dubbing them the F50 adiZeros and they just might change how you think about soccer footwear. This, of course, won’t matter to Americans since we don’t play soccer. Oh well.

These cleats are powered by the miCoach power cell, which means access to all sorts of tech goodies. The chip records your speed, sprint times, distance, step and stride rates, stores it for up to seven hours and squeezes it over WiFi or USB to the device of your choice. Of course, you can share all of this information with the social network of your choice. It is 2011, after all.

A pair of these puppies will set you back around $330 and will be available for purchase in November. Until then, may we suggest honing up on your soccer skills.