Adidas Clothes Soccer Player Leo Messi in Full LED Suit


Surely if you are on a wearable technology site you have seen the movie Tron right? That other worldly computerized land could absolutely not exist in real life, right? However, all it would take is some clothes outfitted with LED technology to make even the squarest person look like a digital superstar. That’s the magic of LED lighting. Consider it the, uh, neon of the 2010s. Adidas, everyone’s favorite sneaker and vitality monitor manufacturer, knows this better than anyone and decided to outfit soccer star Leo Messi in a similar full body suit to make their point.

The whole thing is to ostensibly promote an upcoming line of soccer shoe supported by Mr. Messi. However, the end result is something so cool it simply must be seen. As you can see by the video below, this tech works swimmingly and we can only wonder how long it will be before we can all get full body LED suits of our own. We want to run around at night and look as cool as Leo Messi does here. The team behind this spot attached hundreds of LEDs to an Adidas TechFit outfit and shot Messi in action using a Phantom Camera. Also, it must be noted, the soccer ball is similarly outfitted with LEDs. All he needs are some deadly discs and he’d be ready to take on the gaming grid.

So don’t go looking around your local athletic store for these suits. It’s for promotional purposes only. That doesn’t mean someone out there with a penchant for electronics and science fiction can’t make one on their own, however. Here is the video in question.