Adidas adizero Soccer Boot is Light and Filled With Tech


We here at Crunchwear like shoes, especially if said pair of shoes has some technological wizardly underneath its comfortable soles. These humble foot protectors have experienced something of a tech renaissance in recent years, with the appearance of shoes that do everything from talk to you to monitor your overall health. We have another amazing modern marvel for the bottom portion of your body today. Introducing just about the lightest soccer boots you ever did see, that also comes packed with the kind of high tech buffoonery you’d expect from the industry.

Adidas, who you may remember from making shoes since forever ago, are back and have brought with them a little something interesting. Their sub-brand Adidas Labs have announced the innovative adizero f50 miCoach soccer boots. These promise to be just about the lightest sneakers you’ll ever place upon your lucky toesies, clocking in at just 99 grams. They are so light you’ll barely know they are on, even though they do come packed to the gills with tech. Each pair ships with something they are calling a “smart ball.” This ball, which attaches to the shoes when necessary, tracks everything the shoe does.  This not only means it keeps track of vital statistics, but also how you have been hitting the ball, and in which direction. This information is then streamed to the tablet of your choice for instant perusal. Cool!

Adidas has not given official word as to when this tech would made be made available to consumers, but we think it should be at least a year or so before you’ll be placing these light little wonders on your feet. In the meantime, you can always tape two tablets to your feet and just kick the ball really, really carefully.