Adafruit modder builds real life Pip Boy just in time for Mayan apocalypse


When the apocalypse hits, and it will hit, we have to be ready. No I don’t mean cans of tuna and that tex-mex corn that goes good with salads. We are gonna need cold, hard technology to help get us through our darkest(and coldest, if fiction is to be believed) nights. A member of the Adafruit modder community understands this too well and, as such, has developed one heck of a gadget to help us get around if we happen to be the last man on earth like Charleton Heston or, um, Will Smith.

The handy and dandy gadget is essentially a wrist/forearm cuff with some cool electronics stuffed into it. What can it do? The question ought to be what can’t this thing do. It’s the perfect doodad for the aforementioned apocalypse. It can monitor exposure valves, track your movements via GPS, measure your galvanic skin response, tells both temperature and time and also acts as a flashlight in case you find yourself lost in a dilapidated town populated by bands of roaming flesh-eaters. It also slices and dices but that’s neither here nor there.

The device was built from the ground up using the Sparkfun Pro Development micro board and a bunch of sensors bought from Adafruit. They make tons of cool stuff like that if you are interested in trying your hand at building you own. May we suggest clipping on a radiation detector just in case the apocalypse is nuclear-based.