Acer Reportedly Getting in the Smart Watch Game in 2014


Gentleman, start your engines. So far, the smart watch war been waged among the giants of the high priced electronics industry. There is Sony’s SmartWatch with rumors of Apple, Google and more on the way. What about the low cost consumer-friendly devices that have made the laptop and tablet sector such a lucrative market? Can’t we get some cheapish watches that do cool stuff too? We aren’t made out of money, after all. Well, be careful what you wish for because word on the street(this street being in Taiwain) is reporting that budget technology manufacturer Acer are putting their billions into developing a smart watch that will launch upon the masses sometime in 2014. Whoa.

This report comes from the President of the company himself, who has a long stated interest in smart watches. He even suggested that the company has developed a new way of charging the watches, that will automatically charge the devices when they are left on the nightstand after being worn for a full day. We aren’t sure how this tech will work but anything thats puts “automatically” and “charges” together in the same sentence certainly has our interest. Other than some off-the-cuff comments, information is scant. However, billionaire CEOs tend to not make these comments without some backing behind them as they know articles like this one tend to get written after they speak.

Industry analysts suggest that 2013 is way too soon for Acer to prep a consumer-friendly smart watch for store shelves. They suggest to start looking for the device sometime in 2014. You had better start working out that right wrist just in case. May we suggest lifting small, yet ergonomically designed, weights.