A Ring That Tells Time


Ever just wanted a cool gadget that you could show off to your friends? The Clock Ring is essentially that. A cool gadget that is just awesome enough to be the a centerpiece, without really actually having to do anything. The ring itself actually just tells time, but is a lot cooler than any watch you will ever see.


What Is it?

The Clock Ring is a stainless steel band with separately moving parts that you can spin to see the time. When you spin it, it reveals the time by lighting up numbers on the band. The lights are LED and come in both blue and orange, although the colors are not interchangeable. Time is in 24 hour time, although the ring may also be available in 12 hour time to cater to U.S. customers, as the makers are based in the U.K.

About the Designer

Gustav Svikszai first imagined the concept of a ring that tells time in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he saw a way to make it a reality. His original concept was a simple photo mockup, for a contest on GCSociety.org and you can check the original concept design here. After receiving a great deal of interest in his design, Gustav decided to make it a reality, and started an IndieGoGo campaign on August 21st to run until October 11th of 2013. The campaign raised slightly less than one third of the goal within the first week of launching, and is expected to be a huge success.


Why A Campaign?

Currently the IndieGoGo campaign is intended to help fund the creation and testing of the ring. While current prototypes are working, the designer has to test and perfect the ring in order to make it a fully working sellable product. By selling products in advance, he can raise those funds without going through traditional fundraising methods such as a loan. Plus, early buyers get as much as a $65 discount for buying early and waiting until delivery which is estimated to be in April of 2014.

How Does it Work?

The Clock Ring itself is a fairly simple device with a lot of very cool technology put into it. While the ring only has one function, which is to tell time, it does so in a spectacular fashion. The ring is first made up of multiple layers of hypoallergenic stainless steel, each laser etched with numbers for telling time. Then, each of those numbers is lit up with a built in LED, and microprocessor that tells time, and will light up to show the correct time when the dial spins over the light. The paper thin lithium ion battery is coated with resin to make it more water resistant, so that you can go out in the rain or maybe even wash your hands without taking it off.
Sound cool? You can buy it now on their IndieGoGo page, or check out the website, ClockRing.net for more information and updates from the developer.