6D Helmets makes what is perhaps the coolest(and safest) helmet of all time


Riding a bicycle or a motorcycle can be awesome! The open road laying out before us, the feeling of freedom, the wind in our hair as we speed out down the highway. Well, two of those anyways. If you feel the wind in your hair that probably means you are doing it wrong and you could injure yourself at any moment. When it comes to our favorite two-wheeled vehicles, helmets are a must. After all, pavement is hard and our brains are soft. We should give our noggins all of the extra protection they can get. This includes using technology to make these helmets better than ever before.

Enter a small company called 6D Helmets. Their new helmet design might just be both the coolest, and safest, head-protector of all time. Motorcycle crash helmets haven’t changed a lot in the past 60 years so 6D had their work cut out for them. Current helmets are great for high intensity impacts but not so much for low intensity impacts. Their solution to make the latter safer for riders? The 6D helmet does something rather innovative, affixing gel between the two layers of styrofoam. It places that gel between two discs (one on each layer of EPS) that move in six different direction, hence the “6D.” The result? As safe a ride as one can possibly get. Plus, it looks cool. Just look at those lights! There are many more designs, however.

6D’s Motocross Helmet will go on sale in February of next year. The company has yet to release a price but analysts have indicated it should be one of the pricier, if not the most expensive, helmets on the market. Isn’t your brain worth it though?