5 Cool iPod Backpacks


To help you select the absolute coolest gift for this years Christmas for the iPod boy/girl in your family, we have compiled a short list of the 5 coolest iPod enabled Backpacks in the market.


Our winner is: Nike’s C.O.R.E. Audio Bag
It’s not only looking fantastic, it comes in just the right colors for EVERYONE thanks to Nike’s ID concept.

The second place goes to: Simpak’s iBlaze Bag
It was a tough call because it looks just gorgeous. Lot of space inside with clever compartment management and of course the great iPod management scum control center.

The third place goes to: JanSport’s LiveWire Trinity Bag.
Beside the cool iPod control, the Trinity is the perfect Bag for all the gals who like to have space in their cute looking Bag for books and the gym gear – and yeah, the iPod of course.

The fourth place in our list goes to: JanSport’s Alt Back.
This is one for the fully connected crowed. Next to the iPod, the Alt Pack helps your manage your mobile phone as well. Never miss a call and never be without your tunes. Seamless switch between your buddy talks and your songs.

The fifth place goes to: O’Neill’s Video Backpack.
This one is recommended only for the hyper active Mountain racer type ….. no kidding. Get your neck breaking action on video and scare your buddies with you own action movie. That’s the purpose of this back. You are the hero and center point of this action thriller.

Those five backs are by no means the only models available in the shops. At the moment, we see an ever expanding range of iPod enabled Backpacks. Wearable Electronic is getting more than ever before support from the cool and great companies.

Many other good looking (and working) iPod or Audio enabled Backpacks are available – have a look around in our Blog and check out for yourself.The above list is our own judgment, based on personal tastes and opinions.

You might have different views about the look and the functions. It would be great if you let us know in the comments what you like, not like and would like to have in future.

Our wish for Christmas is that we all together can inspire and motivate the growing number of companies in the business to pick up one or another idea and offer this for the next season.