4N Wristwatch is a mechanical and digital wonder


The humble wristwatch certainly seems to have grown up over the last few years. It seems every time you boot up the Internet there is a new, and expensive, wristwatch that stretches the limit of one’s imagination. Next up? The 4N.

The 4N Wristwatch is made of platinum and 18k gold, and tells time with an interesting disc-based system. It rotates four numbers(Get it? 4N) around in the innards of the watch in order to deliver the correct chronological information to your everloving eyeballs. The discs are made out of an aluminum and titanium alloy. In short, it’s a pretty cool watch.

Of course, there’s a catch. The 4N has an extremely limited run, with only 16 units being produced. So limited, in fact, that they didn’t announce the price. You have to ask. That doesn’t bode well for the affordability factor.