4DForce – The Gaming Controller That Reads Your Mind



A number of EEG devices have been coming out in the past couple years. Some of them seem to really work, and offer a glimpse into what the future of gaming might look like. Now there’s a new one on the market, and it’s called the 4DForce, by a German company of the same name.

One important  difference between the 4DForce and other EEG headsets is that the 4DForce doesn’t only work on EEG signals. It also works on EOG and EMG signals. What does this mean you might ask? Essentially, this means that the 4DForce can read signals from other parts of the body, such as the retina. This gives 4DForce a lot more control, and opens it up to a number of extra options.

Imagine the possibilities – instead of having to use a joystick or arrows to control where your character looks, you can simply move your eyes to move the camera view. This makes gameplay much more natural and opens up a world of options to game developers.

The third technology that the headset uses, EMG, reads signals in your muscles. This also could open up a number of possibilities to game developers.

4DForce could also be used in a number of other applications other than gaming, such as in the field of medicine. This is especially true because of the fact that the technology behind the 4DForce has already been used in treatment for epilepsy and depression, among other medical issues. 4DForce also advertises the ability to use the device to lead a healthier life, and the ability to better understand the way that your brain works and functions.

Overall, 4DForce is a great new device and could be a signal as to what the future of gaming will look like, as well as the future of medicine and health. 4DForce seems to be the first of its kind, with the ability to read not only EEG signals, but also EMG and EOG signals.