These 3D-Printed Undergarments Are Actually Sprayed On


Underwear. We all need it(unless you are a nudist.) We all barely talk about it. The wearable technology industry seems, mostly, disinterested in underwear. This is, of course, not totally true but it does seem that the world of undies is not experiencing the same rapid advancement as say, the watch or eyewear industries. Don’t expect that to always be the case, however. Any garment that is so necessary to our day to day lives will indeed be receiving tech upgrades as new technologies become available. Speaking of new technologies, here is a pair of underwear made via the magic of 3D printing.

A company known as Tamicare has been prepping a new kind of undergarment. An undergarment that is not only created with 3D printers, but also is quite literally sprayed on. Yes. Giving credence to snarky fashionistas everywhere, these garments are sprayed on directly from the printer to your nude bod. How long does this Terminator-esque process take? Only three seconds or so. Why, that’s even faster than it takes to actually put on a pair of underwear. Most people, however, will be buying pre-made pairs of underwear which will be sprayed on to mannequins(one would assume.) The company says they can churn out 12 million pairs a year of these nifty little unmentionables.

These aren’t on store shelves yet, but the company has already announced partnerships with American retailers, including giants such as Victoria’s Secret. It won’t be long until you’ll be able to bring the third dimension of undies into whatever dimension it is that we are living in. Here is a video.