These 3D-Printed Sneakers Fold Up and Fit in Your Pocket


We all gotta wear shoes. It’s one of the commonalities of the human experience. After all, were we to traipse around the world with only our bare feet to protect us from the elements(not to mention glass shards) we would no doubt end up with very sore piggies indeed. So being as how most of us wear shoes on a daily basis(if we are leaving the house) it is only appropriate that they have experienced their fair share of the wearable tech train. The only bad thing about all of these shoes? They are all, uh, shoe-sized. This makes carrying them around annoying if they aren’t affixed to our feet. Don’t worry. That is about to change.

Introducing the Sneakerbot II, perhaps the most innovative shoe ever made. What makes these sneaks so cool? Well, for one they are made by a 3D printer. This means if you have of these doodads, and the requisite materials, you could make your very own pair. Also, and this is the coolest part, these shoes fold up and fit in your dang pocket! Finally, the tyranny of having to walk around holding a pair of shoes like a doofus is over. Long live the high tech future.

If you are interested in making a pair of your own, you’ll need to buy the designer’s custom extruder and hotend and some Filaflex 1.75mm. Then, head on over to to Thingiverse to download the schematics are you are good to go.