Here is 3D Printed Skin That Fits Right in With Your Flesh


We tend to think about our human frailty rather infrequently. After all, when there is smartwatch news to discuss on the regular why spend our precious time talking about how our skin could call off at any second? Speaking of skin falling off, did you know our skin could fall of at any second?! OK, that’s just a rumor. Still, many ailments can befall our poor, precious flesh. We need all the preventative help we can get when it comes to our body’s covering. Don’t worry. Wearable technology is on top of it. Here is some awesome tech-heavy flesh.

This 3D-printed skin is personalized and fits right in with the skin you already have on your body. This is perfect for transplants and other scenarios in which you need some new skin on the quick. It’s being designed by a team of scientists led by Dr. Sophie Wuerger. It all starts with a 3D camera that snaps photos of the person’s skin, then a 3D printer is used to create an almost perfect rendition of that skin which can then be used for whatever it is needed for. Each patients skin will then be added to a database which could eventually be the world’s most ultimate collection of human flesh. Cool, right? OK, kind of scary but also cool.

This burgeoning technology is still in its nascent stages so if you have a skin condition that needs replacement you have a few years to wait before you can get prescribed this via your local doctor. We’ll let you know how this tech advances but, yeah, the future is seeming pretty cool.