This 3D-Printed Iron Man Suit Costs $35,000


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention at ye olde multiplex the last several years, but there is this comic book company called Marvel that is absolutely killing it. Chief among these super-est of superheroes is the one and only, the minister of metal himself, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has made the role his own, taking it to a place that is beyond iconic. Just how iconic is this entrepreneur-cum-superhero? Well, someone made an amazingly cool, true to size replica of his infamous suit. Even cooler? If you are about as rich as Tony Stark, you could own this suit for yourself.

In China there is a company appropriately named The Iron Man company. This company has a singular mission, to produce and distribute awesome Iron Man suits that will blow people’s minds. Of course, this enterprise is not officially sanctioned by Marvel so you had better check these guys out fast. The suit itself is primarily produced using the magic of 3D printing, meaning if you had a bunch of raw materials lying around and one of these printers you could theoretically make this yourself. Of course, who has a ton of scrap metal and other odds and ends laying around?

The suit is actually made from carbon-fiber reinforced polymer for the body with 2mm EVA internal cushion linings and metal joints for stability and durability. It also has a motorized face plate and, oh yeah, a jetpack. The jet pack doesn’t work though(drat.) How much will all of this Iron Man goodness set you back? Approximately $35,000, or the amount of money Robert Downey Jr. spent on drugs every single day of the 1980s.