The Curved Display and What It Means For Wearable Technology


The technology world is once again abuzz with rumors about curved displays. First it was Samsung, now it seems that LG and Apple are joining in. There’s no denying that the development of curved displays could change the way the we use and interact with technology, but what exactly does the curved display mean for wearable technology? With three potential big players in wearable technology jumping on board the curved display bandwagon, it seems that we will see a lot more of this curved display in wearable technology in the near future!


There’s no doubting that a curved display could change smartwatches forever. While we currently have smartwatches that include a main body with all the bits and pieces, and a wristband, future smartwatches could be a curved display that wraps all the way around your wrist. Just look at this concept design!

This would allow for the device to be able to reach its full potential, with all parts adding to the performance of the device. While we are starting to see this with companies inserting components into the wristband, this is nothing compared to what the device could be with a curved display such as the one above.


Another possibility for the use of curved screens could be in using curved displays for headsets, specifically virtual reality headsets. Instead of having two screens in a headset, a curved screen could be used to curve around the front of the wearers face. This could greatly improve the realism of the device, and allow for the user to have a much more immersive experience. This idea is of course already being used in the new Sony HMZ-T3 headset, but the technology still has a long way to go before it is truly a sleek and immersive experience, rather than an awkward big machine on your face:


Other Possibilities

Apart from smartwatches and headsets the possibilities for curved displays in wearable technology are endless. You could wrap a display around any part of your body. What purpose would this serve? Well we don’t know. But as the technology for curved displays is developed, we are sure to see a number of new products released that are completely different from anything we’ve seen yet! This is surely a very interesting area of technology, and one with huge potential growth!