GlowHatters Will Make You the Star of the Party By Making Your Head Glow


We here at Crunchwear love hats. They help us avoid that gosh darned sun, most importantly. But they also let other people know what baseball teams we like and/or if we have ever inspired to one day be a trucker, or at least dress like one. Also, besides the whip, what other accoutrement do you need to pretend to be Indiana Jones on Halloween? It’s all about the humble hat. Of course, headwear has received its own fair share of technological advancement with each passing year. Today we have a series of simple baseball caps that glow like a bright neon sign in the night.

Introducing GlowHatters, which is a fitting name considering they are, uh, hats that glow. These neon-esque caps actually don’t use neon at all, rather the pseudo-natural glow of electroluminescence. They’ll still brighten up your night like a Christmas tree, however. Wear them to parties and you’ll most certainly be the talk of the town. Even cooler? The glowing part of the GlowHatters last a whopping 12,000 hours. That’s an astounding 500 days or more of constant glow. If you have it turned on for an hour a day, it’ll last more than 30 years! Don’t worry. After the glow runs out, they are still a regular old baseball cap. That part doesn’t change. Fabric is fabric, after all.

They come in six colors and feature an adjustable fit. You can get your grubby little mitts on one by heading to their Kickstarter and dropping them a few bucks. Just how many bucks do you have to drop? About $25 should get you one.