1:Face watch allows you to look fashionable as you save the world


1 face watch 1
There are a lot of, how to put this succinctly, scams out there designed to part you with your money as you think you are doing a good deed. How many times have you read “we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity” without ever seeing how much of a portion in the fine print? We all want to do good things so we are easily roped in to this line of fake do-goodery. Sometimes a company or product comes along with this same idea, but is transparent enough about where the money will be going that they deserve a second look.

One such product is the 1:Face watch, designed by Fam Mirza, creative director Chicago-based branding firm Mirza Minds. This watch is a sleek, standard digital watch with a snazzy LED face. The philanthropic hook, however, depends on what color you choose. Each of the watch’s six colors aligns with a specific charity, each featuring measurable metrics to see how much good you are doing. A yellow watch means you’ll fund water development for impoverished nations. A black watch means you’ll fund cancer research. The metrics? If you buy a white watch, you’ll feed sixteen families in Africa. They vary for each color but they all can be seen on the watch’s website.

The 1:Face watch is available soon for the low price of just $40. Head on over to indiegogo to put in a preorder. Pick your color and cause and then feel good for once. You deserve it. Check below for more images and a video that goes into further detail as to how much good each purchase does. Namaste.