100% Proof!


Happy hour just got tech savvy! When you have a sip of beer, wine, whiskey, gin, or even vodka, the ethanol molecules in that drink make their way into your bloodstream. Most of the ethanol molecules in your blood are filtered out by your liver, but you breathe out 1%, and around 0.5% actually passes through your skin!

Ethanol is so small that it is able to diffuse through the tough outer layer of your skin and make its way to the surface. PROOF™ is an alcohol tracking wearable that converts the ethanol that diffuses through your skin into an estimate of your BAC. To achieve this, PROOF™ uses disposable cartridges that convert ethanol to electrical currents.

Inside each PROOF™ cartridge are enzymes that break down ethanol molecules on a molecular level. Enzymes, convert ethanol into byproduct molecules that make their way to the electrochemical sensor surface, where they are transformed into water and electrons producing a measurable electrical current. Inside the PROOF™ wristband, this current is measured via a sensitive amplifier circuit and translated into ethanol concentration values sent via bluetooth to a smartphone. On the PROOF™ app you can see your estimated BAC at any time, and even set alerts to let you know when you hit a certain level.

PROOF™ is available on Indiegogo for pre-order.